Funny Face Fruit Wraps

This fun fruit wrap recipe is quick and easy, so great to whip up for a great tasting snack, dessert, or even breakfast. They’re fun to make and full of yummy fruity flavours for a delicious new spin on traditional tortilla wrap fillings!



·       1 organic wholemeal wrap

·       20g organic cream cheese

·       ¼ small apple

·       20g mango

·       3 blackberries

·       6 grapes

·       1 clementine segment



1.    Spread the cream cheese in an even layer over the whole wrap.

2.    Prepare the fruit; slice the apple and mango into sticks, cut the blackberries and grapes in half.

3.    Decide which fruit you want to use to create your funny faces and set aside the fruit needed for decorating them.

4.    Place the rest of the fruit in a line down the centre of the wraps.

5.    Fold the wrap in at the top and bottom then roll it up tightly, spreading a little cheese on the edges of the wrap to help ‘glue’ it in place if needed.

6.    Slice the rolled wrap in half. Decorate with the remaining fruit to turn each wrap half into a funny face.

Note: You can ‘glue’ the fruit face decorations in place with a little extra cream cheese if wanted.




You can download the recipe here.