Fruity Bug Oat Cakes

These cute fruity bug oatcakes make great fun and tasty snacks for kids.  They’re quick and easy to make - just spread the cream cheese over an oatcake and encourage your kids to let their imagination fly with the decorations. Perfect for a garden or bug themed party!



·       3 organic oat cakes

·       15g organic cream cheese

·       6 grapes (5 red, 1 green)

·       1 blackberry

·       ¼ small apple



1.    Evenly spread a thick layer of cream cheese on each oatcake.

2.    Prepare the fruit; Cut the grapes in half, cut 2 thin slices of apple for butterfly wings then slice up 8 thin slivers for legs.

3.    For the butterfly: Place 3 grape halves down the centre of an oatcake, cut side down. Push an apple wing into each side to form a butterfly. Cut 2 tiny slivers of apple for antennae and push them into a grape half with the tip of a knife to form the head.

4.    For the spider: Place a blackberry in the centre of an oatcake. Add half a grape for the head. Finish with apple legs.

5.    For the flower: Place the remaining grape halves cut side down on the oatcake to form a flower.



You can download the recipe here.